When I first encountered Tiger, he was a sorry sight. He had trouble simply standing, and once up, walked in a drunken fashion, appearing not to have much control over his rear limbs. In fact, the whole back end of his body curved round much in the way that an articulated vehicle does. His head tilted to the side, his movements were jerky and his entire body was stiff and tense.He was diagnosed with FIP and there was nothing to do with the conventinal medicine.

‘All this changed very quickly once he started on Banu’s course of homeopathic medicines. He almost immediately began to gain a new energy and vitality. And now, after just two months, his rear limbs are strong and his ability to walk, greatly improved. He has more control over his movements and can even use a litter box, which he was previously unable to do. He is still unsteady on his feet and falls from time to time but, unlike before, can now get himself up and run at the first sign of food. Tiger’s continued improvement is an absolute wonder to me. It is hoped that he can make a complete recovery which, if true, would be nothing short of miraculous.